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Welcome to the International automobile Exporter’s Corporation Pokal. Pokal is operated by Pokal International Co., Ltd. Pokal was established in 1997 and it is one of the Japan’s leading automotive exporters. Japanese Nissan Used Cars however high-quality cars are shipped worldwide through this car dealing platform.

We have developed very good terms and relation with overseas automobile Dealers. That’s why we have tendency to get Nissan Used Cars at extremely competitive charges. Our aim is to provide our purchasers their dream Nissan Sports Car Used within their range. Our homepage has free access to all of the guests with list of Nissan cars available.

Pokal is one in every of the foremost renowned and documented automotive business organization, on-line stores. Here you'll be able to sale out your Nissan Used Cars. Nissan Cars North American countries automotive and Nissan Sports Car Used show rooms are associated with us.

Pokal is Nissan Used Cars marketing portal wherever you'll be able to put you Used Nissan Cars for Sale or get used car for you. If you would like to place Cannon Nissan Used Cars on sale, we will make sure that you would get best customers. We will look for best clients for you and will give you best services.

You can buy or sale any Nissan Hybrid Cars whether or not it's Nissan Juke Used Cars, Nissan City Car, Nissan Micra Used Car or the other Nissan cars through this best automotive dealing organization. If you're a buyer you'll be able to look for Nissan All Used Car Prices that are available on this platform and if you're a seller you'll be able to conjointly provide specifications of your Nissan Luxury Car and that we can strive our greatest to allow you best buyer.

The sellers of the Nissan Small Car, Hybrid cars, City cars etc are suggested to mention their required amount so that the buyers can know the price of that particular Nissan Used Car Price. It becomes easy to lock the deal when both parties have same requirements.

Pokal is regularly endeavoring with ever increasing technical innovations and changes in client needs. With such changes, the role of Service Department has been enhancive in importance year after year. Providing customers with top quality after Sales Services has currently become the critical in maintaining Pokal’s edge over competitors.

Brief Introduction of Nissan Motors 

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. typically shortened to Nissan, is actually a Japanese international automobile company which is headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama. The corporate sells its cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands with in-house performance setting stock labeled Nismo. The corporate traces its name to the Nissan zaibatsu, currently known as Nissan Group.

Since 1999, Nissan has been a part of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance, a partnership between Nissan of Japan, Mitsubishi Motors of Japan and Renault of France. As of 2013, Renault holds a 43.4% choice stake in Nissan, whereas Nissan holds a V-day non-voting stake in Renault.

In 2013, Nissan was the 6th largest auto maker throughout the world, after Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen group, Hyundai Motor group, and Ford. Taken along, the Renault–Nissan Alliance would be the world's 4th largest auto maker. Nissan is the leading Japanese whole in China, Russia and North American country.

In 2014 Nissan was the biggest automaker in North America. Nissan is one of the world's largest electrical vehicle (EV) manufacturers, with world sales of quite 320,000 all-electric vehicles as of April 2018. The top-selling vehicle of the car-maker's absolutely electrical lineup is that the Nissan LEAF, Associate in Nursing all-electric automotive and also the world's top-selling highway-capable plug-in electric automobile in history. In Gregorian calendar January 2018, Nissan business executive Hiroto Saikawa declared that each one of the Infiniti vehicles launched from 2021 are hybrid vehicles or all-electric vehicles.

Japanese NISSAN Used Cars

NISSAN is always been most desirable and favorite brand for a large number of clients, the leadership trend and therefore the team management to serve the community by providing top quality and a lot of persistent vehicles for transportation. Here you may notice the foremost reliable Nissan Sunny Used Car or any other models of Nissan used cars and choose your dream car.

Customer Follow-Up:
In order to give customized services to each of our valuable client it's been planned to introduce following system:
• Business organization is maintaining client profile and full service history of the every client, as well as all regular maintenances and repair works distributed.
• Client won't have to be compelled to repeat the service history over and over again.
• Business organization has all of the data and information saved in the laptops, of all their customers with their mailing addresses. These mailing addresses are valuable for promoting purposes. Dealers are mailing reminder for next checkup appointment, seasonal campaign and free inspection. Advance data regarding new product will also be launched in future and alternative promotional activities intimation for the customers. 

Expansion/Strengthen approved Dealer Network:

In order to supply economical after sales services to our valued Nissan customers this franchise network is being strengthen and expanded to meet with the additional customers’ demands and expectations.

In this regard nationwide surveys are conducted time to time to evaluate/mark the cities/areas. If the dealer is already at such location, the present dealer’s facilities are upgraded on regular basis.

Buying Rules and Regulations 

According to the Japanese government policy their citizens will also be protected from legal actions. And International buyers can also become the member of auctions and participated in the auction. These auctions are also available in English for the citizens of UK, Australia and the United States so you can get your desired used car with hustle free. 

How to Purchase NISSAN Used Cars from Pokal

If you want to get your desired NISSAN used car from POKAL INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD then you just need to follow six simple steps.

·         Fill the Form by providing email info and password along with general information.

·         Select the desired Nissan Used Car by viewing all the corresponding details, make sure that all the details regarding vehicles updated every day.

·         Send any query to Pokal after filling your information form, after receiving you query Pokal team will send you reply related to every aspect of your desired NISSAN car.

·         Complete all the payment procedural steps and send the bank receipt of payment via fax or email to the Pokal Team.

·         After the clearance of payment the Pokal will send you TT confirmation by e-mail and your shipping procedure will start and Pokal inform you regarding available container.

·         When the Container departure from the Japan the Pokal will send you the B/L copy and confirmation details via post-service and e-mail along with cargo tracking number.

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