How to Buy

How to Buy

Select vehicle

You can find Japanese used cars that you like by searching them by the model of the car, by its launch year and by the range. "Check the total price" and through Freight Calculator convert the price (that is showing in Japanese yen) into your native currency.

Get a free invoice and order the vehicle

After deciding the price, request a performa invoice and purchase agreement for the car that you chose to buy from our stock. 

Fill that agreement with all of the necessary details and mail us within a day. Once you have decided to buy any particular car make sure to inform us so that we can reserve it for you up to 48 hours.

Complete the payment

You can pay the payment through any bank by Bank Telegraphic Transfer System. After paying the payment kindly send us a copy of that Telegraphic Transfer Receipt so that we also have a proof that you have paid the payment. 

Your vehicle is shipped

After getting the payment we will start the export arrangements without any delay. We will send all of the required documentation along with the tracking number and link directly to you or to your agent through DHL Courier Service.

Collect your vehicle

Soon after you get the documents, you can start the import process in your country. You can get things done once you get the documents. After you are done with the procedure of importing your car you can take it and drive away.

Most importantly please do not forget to bring all of the important documents with you while picking up your vehicle.

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