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Japanese Used Cars in Kenya

Pokal.jp is Kenya’s #1 automobile website. Pokal.jp offers Japanese used motorcars in Kenya from the most popular makers such as Honda, Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen used cars from Japan. You can choose your desireable brand's vehicles and buy your delusion car within our best deals and the right price. Check out used Honda cars for sale in Kenya.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing affordable and quality used vehicles that we source from Japan and then ship to Kenya in mint condition. We take special care and make sure that every single vehicle that we advertise is shown with original photos that represent the vehicles quality and overall appearance correctly.

The descriptions of the Japanese used Toyota cars in Kenya are provided to describe that you should be aware of the vehicle model with equipped , what features are on the model itself, and details about the cars history; any further information you need will be provided so you aware that what you are paying for. Different Brands and their models are available to purchase with a variety of features, and every single vehicle comes with a very reasonable price.

During the years we have developed our prestige we have been in business since 1997  for providing a reliable and stress free service to our beloved customers.

Buy Japanese Used Cars from Pokal.jp

Pokal.jp exports Japanese used cars including used trucks and buses to Kenya. We have many customers and sales performers, so we are professional car export team.We will be very happy to reply your questions personally as soon as possible. We purchase most of our cars directly from end users giving us the competitive edge in pricing. We also perform quality checks and maintenance on our used cars before shipment from Japan.  All cars are Hand Picked and selected, Mechanically scanned by our professional team verifies that the vehicle has not faced any major accidents in past. Performance is the only thing that matters to us.Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistent. We pick only those cars which are in best condition and in high performance to offer to our coustomers.

Used Honda Cars in Kenya

Honda is a Japanese company and is famous for manufactures of automobile and motor cycles.Honda's reputation as an automobile manufacturers is something beyond the limits. However, since 1963, when their first automobile, the T360, was introduced to the World, they have been producing a range of practical and reliable cars which have been winning awards and topping satisfaction polls across the globe.Honda currently builds vehicles in many countries of the world.Honda is famous for making environment friendly cars as top ten most fuel efficient cars came from Honda.Honda is one of the most trustworthy and selling brands in kenya, you can easily look up for Honda used cars in Kenya.

Used Mercedes Benz Cars in Kenya

Mercedes-Benz is German automobile company and  has a long and illustrious history and is famous for its luxurious and premium cars. In 2018 Mercedes Benz was the only brand which sold 2.31 million cars.Today, as one of the German big three, they produce the most luxurious and top performing cars on roads.Mercedes Benz advertised "Engineered like no other car in the world".Mercedes Benz has maintained a reputation for its quality and durability. Few can compete with the reputation and desirability of the three pointed star. In Kenya you can find lots of Japanese used Mercedes benz in Kenya.

Used Nissan Cars in Kenya

Nissan has led to a long history of fun-to-drive machinery that is pretty much impossible to shrink.Japanese manufacturers can sometimes be stereotyped as being reliable but Dull, Nissans stand right at the cutting edge of car design. Nissan cars are famous for its fuel efficiency and affordable prices.Redesigned Titan and other refreshes have made Nissan's vehicles more competitive in their segmentin few past years.Anyone who knows about the world of automobile also knows about the Nissan's GTRs and SXs cars. All Japanese used Nissan cars in Kenya like the Micra and Pixo satisfy the need for a slightly more conventional, everyday car.

Used Toyota Cars in Kenya

Toyota is one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers; Toyota’s are laden with mass-appeal. Reliable, affordable and toyota is second largest manufacturer of automobile.They are the manufacturer of 10 million vehicle per year. Toyota's cars are economical and reasonable.Toyota is well known for its quality vehicles and also famous for production of heavy vehicles.Toyota offers a wide range of legendarily reliable vehicles,ranging from thetinyYaris hatchbach to the hulking Land Cruiser SUV.Toyota's are laden with mass-appeal.There are Japanese Used Toyota Cars in Kenya with the cheapest prices.

Used Subaru Cars in Kenya

Subaru has been producing vehicles under its nameplate for more than 50 years. Since the debut of the Subaru 360, the company has introduced many sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs to its lineup.Subaru is one of leading company in Japan basically they are makers of  Air Craft but they have wide range of latest technology cars as Subaru is currently testing two electric cars G4e and R1e.Subaru's have always served as impressive and versatile vehicles and the brand's policy is to design something unique to its consumers. Japanese Used Subaru Cars in Kenya models are known for their standard all-wheel drive (AWD).

Used Mitsubishi Cars in Kenya

Mitsubishi is arguably best known for producing 4X4s and SUVs, Mitsubishi's most popular cars are robust, versatile and a little raw. While the SUV class has moved on in the last few years to accommodate for a more family-friendly driver, Mitsubishi have fallen behind slightly, and is only now coming around to introducing cars to cater for a more practically minded drivers. Mitsubishi Lancer is fuel efficient and refined car. This company is prominent company which is responsiable for making of fuel afficient and smooth cars. Used Japanese Mistubishi cars in kenya is for sale at reasonable prices.

Used Volkswagen In Kenya

Volkswegan or VW started its production in 1937 in Germany but at that time there cars were luxurious and out of range of many Germans. VW now has many factories in many parts of the the world,manufacturing or building vehicles for local market.Currently company is involved in manufacturing of electric cars,pure ethanol vehicles,flexible fuel vehicles and hybrid vehicles. VW has also won many awards including World Car of the year award.Volkswegan Type1'Beetle' model also named the fourth most noteworthing car of 20th Centuary.The importance of Volkswegan in automobile indusrty cannot be denied.Volkswegan is world- renowed for its heritage,engneering and manufacturing experties and authenticity.You can easily look up for Usead Volkswegan Cars in Kenya

We hope that you will be able to find your dream car in economical bugdet over here, If you have any query about any car or process you can easily contact with us through our social media platforms and by simply calling us.